Register at Those attending will be helped with the following: On-site assistance for short-term substitute or substitute license Short-Term Substitute Training (9:00am-12:00pm) Q&A time Complimentary fingerprinting for individuals joining the ROE#21 Substitute listing (original cost $55.00) A DELICIOUS SUB SANDWICH for LUNCH - Sponsored by Grand Canyon University!
22 days ago, Maple Grove
Subs For Subs
Buses could be running a little slow this morning due to the fog. Be careful on your dive in to school and work today.
22 days ago, Hunter Kreuter
Tonight's Jr. High Boys Basketball game at Anna has been cancelled.
25 days ago, Hunter Kreuter
Game Cancelled
Jr. High Girls Basketball 8th night. Thank you lady's for all your hard work.
26 days ago, Hunter Kreuter
Jaylea Anderson
Abigail Lang
Bricley Lang
Abigail and Bricley Lang
5th and 6th Grade Basketball Boys and Girls 2022-23
26 days ago, Maple Grove
5th and 6th Grade Basketball 2022-23
Maple Grove students experienced NED's Mindset Mission this morning. NED's Mindset Mission is a character education program that centers around three important messages that have lifelong relevance: Never give up, Encourage others and Do your best. During the assembly, students learned about the importance of these three life skills while also enjoying storytelling, magic, humor and yo-yo tricks. Visit their website at
26 days ago, Maple Grove
NED'S Mindset Mission
The 2020-2021 yearbook will be in soon! All Class of 2021 alumni and preorders will be filled first. You may purchase a 2020-2021 yearbook for $35 by contacting Ms. Deanna at We will make an announcement whenever the yearbooks arrive at JHS! Thank you for supporting our school!
26 days ago, Ethan May
Hope everyone has had a good winter break, however it time to start school back. We are looking forward to seeing everyone back on Wednesday, January 4.
29 days ago, Hunter Kreuter
See you all soon!
Tonight's home boys basketball game vs Shawnee will be varsity only, 6:00 start time.
about 2 months ago, Hunter Kreuter
Harper and Ms. Chelsey are lighting up the day!
about 2 months ago, Johnnie Owens
High School Girls basketball; CCA Christmas Tourney schedule. See pictures below.
about 2 months ago, Hunter Kreuter
Go Rangers
Go Rangers
Go Rangers
High School Boys 2022 Dongola Christmas Round Robin Information, see picture below.
about 2 months ago, Hunter Kreuter
Go Rangers
Congratulations to Shea Lawrence! She is the winner of the Jr Beta ham raffle from Bill’s BBQ! Thank you to everyone for all the support!
about 2 months ago, Heidi Carder
Thank you
First Graders are all aboard "The Polar Express!!" We are learning from inside our own "box cars!"
about 2 months ago, Sherry Godfrey
"The Polar Express"
You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch!
about 2 months ago, Johnnie Owens
Maple Grove Christmas Program tonight. Doors will open at 5:30; the program will start at 6:00. Students must be in their respective classrooms by 5:45.
about 2 months ago, Hunter Kreuter
Tonight at Maple Grove
The 6th graders are the best gifts of all!
about 2 months ago, Johnnie Owens
Foggy is places this morning, buses could be behind. Drive safe on your way in to school.
about 2 months ago, Hunter Kreuter
about 2 months ago, Maple Grove
Subs for Subs
These are the young men voted on for all conference!! Kasey Cahoon Aiden Messer Congratulations! Trophies will be handed out after the championship game tomorrow which starts at 6 PM!
about 2 months ago, Hunter Kreuter
Go Rangers