Come Join Our Team!
11 days ago, Maple Grove
Come Join Our Team
James with TRIO is doing a STEM activity using keva planks with the 6th graders.
14 days ago, Johnnie Owens
James with TRIO is doing a STEM activity using keva planks with the 6th graders.
James with TRIO is doing a STEM activity using keva planks with the 6th graders.
Summer School will be offered this summer from June 13 - July 1 and July 5 - 22. Classes will be from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm at the SCC Metro Center. If a student is 16 and has failed a class, they are eligible to enroll. Contact Mrs. Bellamey for more information.
14 days ago, Penny Bellamey
The senior Civics class has been working on a community service project as apart of the EYPC program they are participating in. Today they were able to present their ideas and findings to Superintendent Dr. Vickie Artman and Mayor Sue Sandusky. These students are taking an initiative to help clean up Joppa’s park. The first park clean up will be help May 9 at 3:30 pm, we encourage all community members to come out and join us. Water bottles and popsicles will be provided to volunteers!
14 days ago, Ms.Glass
senior class
.FFA banquet, congratulations to all of you
17 days ago, Hunter Kreuter
See attached flyer for available locations, dates and times for Massac County.
17 days ago, Maple Grove
Wellness on Wheels -Massac County Health Screening Events
7th grade is selling raffle tickets for a Summer Fun Raffle. Over $100 value. See any student, Ms. Hill or Mrs. Clark for tickets.
18 days ago, Jamie Clark
summer fun raffle
Joppa Health class learning CPR, AED, and the Heimlich.
18 days ago, Taylor Cheek
Chest Compressions
The Heimlich
Southern Illinois Wellness Mission July 22-31, 2022 Carbondale City Hall 200 South Illinois Ave. Carbondale, IL 62901
21 days ago, Maple Grove
Southern Illinois Wellness Mission
Congratulations to the six seniors who won over $10,000 in scholarships.
21 days ago, Penny Bellamey
Massac County Academic Scholarship Recipients
8th Grade students participated in a Real World simulation today. Each student was asked to select a career. Then, they had to make decisions and "payments" related to everyday life, such as insurance, car, housing, food, etc. After recording their income and payments, each student was able to evaluate their financial state according to their decisions. If you have an eight grade student, ask them if they had enough money to make it through the month.
21 days ago, Penny Bellamey
Graduation Information for JMG #38-May 2022
21 days ago, Maple Grove
Graduation Information of JMG #38
SCC Anna Extension Office Sub Workshop June 2022 9:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m. Call 618-833-3399 for more information.
21 days ago, Maple Grove
Sub Workshop June 21, 2022 at SCC Anna Extension Center
Try out the new BoxTops app. Just use the link below, set up your account, enter Maple Grove as your school and scan away! It's that easy.
21 days ago, Maple Grove
Box Tops App
Thank you all for the support! We would like to start off by thanking all of those that shopped at Big John's in Metropolis from September 1st through March 31st and placed your receipts in our school's box! We are so lucky to have so many supportive community members and we will be ordering so many nice items with the points that we earned with your help! We would also like to wish a very special thank you to Mrs. Brenda Crockett for adding up of those receipts and sending them in along the way. Her time and consideration is so appreciated! Thank you all for supporting our school and district and helping to earn classroom supplies
21 days ago, Maple Grove
Thank You
Maple Grove Spring Fling , Friday April 29 6:00-8:00. Door's will open at 5:50
22 days ago, Hunter Kreuter
Fun Night!!
Third grade is incubating eggs! If all goes well our hatch will be around May 11. Today (day 7 of 21) we candled eggs. Students saw the air sac, blood vessels, and even an embryo bouncing around in the egg! Shout out to Massac County Farm Bureau for providing the kit! Also, Bobbi McGonigal and Caitlin Korte for the fertilized eggs.
22 days ago, Hunter Kreuter
Great Job
Great Job
Happy Administrative Assistant's Day to our three wonderful blessings.
22 days ago, Hunter Kreuter
Thank you
The Joppa FFA Banquet will be held on Monday, May 2nd at 6 pm in the JHS Cafeteria. The cost is free but please bring a side dish or dessert. Students are expected to wear Official Dress.
23 days ago, Hunter Kreuter
Award Night
Emily Reames was presented the Black Diamond Harley - Davidson Scholarship on April 23. Black Diamond has awarded over $700,000 in scholarships to students over 15 years.
24 days ago, Penny Bellamey
Black-Diamond awarded 44 scholarships this year.
Emily Reames awarded the Black Diamond Harley Davidson Scholarship.