FAFSA Toolkit

Thank you for your interest in the Rock the FAFSA campaign. Let’s make sure all our high school seniors can access all the financial aid for which they are eligible!

Rock the FAFSA Illinois

Help your students on the path to college by scheduling an online Financial Aid Application Completion Workshop for your high school or community:

  1. Contact Abel Montoya at ISAC to set up one or more free online ISAC Financial Aid Application Completion Workshops. Abel.Montoya@illinois.gov or 847-636-7253. Please consider scheduling the workshop when students are expected and/or required to be in class. We have found that attendance is very low when these events are scheduled outside of school hours. 
  2. Use the materials in this toolkit to get the word out to students and families. Send reminders!!
  3. Students can complete their financial aid application during the workshop, with personalized help from ISAC through the chat function.
  4. If you want to run your own Financial Aid Application Completion Workshop, ISAC can provide you with materials for the session, including a powerpoint and script.
  5. Consider a friendly FAFSA Completion competition with another high school. Want to know how your school is rockin’ the FAFSA (and Alternative Application for Illinois Financial Aid) compared to other schools in Illinois? Check out our Financial Aid Application Completion Performance Metrics page to see the rankings by school on financial aid completions. Sign up for our FAFSA data-matching to get information on which of your students has not completed a financial aid application, so you can reach out to those who might need assistance. Find out more at https://www.isac.org/home/fafsa/index.html.

The Illinois FAFSA Mandate requires that all high school seniors complete a financial aid application as a prerequisite to receiving a high school diploma. Find out more at: https://www.isac.org/pd/fafsa-mandate.html